Neujahrskurzgeschichte: Der Bus

Vor einem blattlosen Baum wartete sie auf den Bus. Im Hintergrund stand dunkel eine alte Kapelle, die im kalten Nebel wie eines finstere Schloss eines üblen Zauberer aussah. Wenn es in einer Geschichte wäre, erschiene plötzlich ein Geist aus ihrem Schatten und es sie in kürzen Sekunden glücklich äße. Sie schaute ihre Handy an. Der… Continue reading Neujahrskurzgeschichte: Der Bus

Halloween special: Little foxes

This year the young Cortez and his gang of merry friends—the Little Foxes—once again set their goal on the season's greatest treasure trove, one that had always made Mrs. Lévesque's syrup cookies look like stale leftovers from last month's school cones. They had no idea what would be the treasure this year but all the… Continue reading Halloween special: Little foxes

Short story: Battery, Potato, Pocketwatch

The tribesmen heard from the radio that a humanitarian group had breached the bulwark and smuggled trucks of supplies into the rebel-controlled territories. It took them weeks to establish contact with the group and proved themselves that they were no rebels seeking to steal the supplies meant for war relief. The point of contact was… Continue reading Short story: Battery, Potato, Pocketwatch

Folklore retold: Mid-autumn festival

Once upon a time, there were ten suns in the sky. The suns took their turns and nourished the earth with their warm, life-giving light. But one day, all ten suns rose at once and scorched the earth in a devastating drought none had seen before. Many on earth perished that day, and many more… Continue reading Folklore retold: Mid-autumn festival

Short story: Sprinkler, Bicycle, Nose

Two predators were chasing after one prey. The first was sitting on top of a suburban train running at top speed, with a loaded pistol in his grip. Somewhere among the skyscrapers within three kilometers radius from the first predator, the second predator–a long-range sniper–was also lying in ambush. Their prey, an unidentified mercenary, had… Continue reading Short story: Sprinkler, Bicycle, Nose

Short story: Mademoiselle

A young Asian girl weaved through the crowd of European giants down the long staircase in a metro station near the terminal's exit. Sections of the metro tunnel were turned into colorful murals. Round the corners, at junctions splitting the path to different platforms, a street musician was playing a jazzy tune. It was the time… Continue reading Short story: Mademoiselle

Short story: Christmas special

When Hana was in first grade, Santa gave her crayons and a sketchbook. He left the red present box with a silver ribbon at her feet on Christmas Eve, and he ate the cookies mom left by the night lamp.It was a happier time then. Dad still had grandpa’s mahogany desk where he would spend… Continue reading Short story: Christmas special

Short story: Valentine special

The boy took long strides through a narrow passageway behind the university's building. He climbed a heap of unused tables onto the roof of a storage sack. From there, he made a dash and leaped over the fence. He landed on all four, rolled on the ground a few times before slamming his back against… Continue reading Short story: Valentine special

Kleine Geschichte: Das Land ohne Wege

„Der Krieg dauerte so lange, dass er nicht mehr hoffen konnte, das Vaterland wiede zusehen.“ 1943 war der kälteste Winter in vier Jahren. Herr Müller und seine Kollegen—Herr Fischer, Herr Abrecht und Herr Schneider—schliefen bei einem kleinen Feuer, der auf einen Wiese im Frankreich legt. Seit gestern hätten sie auf dem Weg von der Schweiz… Continue reading Kleine Geschichte: Das Land ohne Wege

Short story: Halloween special

They ventured into the crypt: five militias, two knights, two priests, and one dog; torches in hands, provisions on backs, and a primal fright at heart. Leading the pack, the younger of the knights, Sir Rathamul brandished a sword and a spiked lantern shield. The oil lantern, a part of his shield’s gauntlet, emanated a… Continue reading Short story: Halloween special