The old tailless #27

Silence reigned the hallway as the deafening sound of a second point-blank gunshot ceased ringing in one's ear. Well, not exactly silence because someone among the hospital staff had finally decided to do the sensible thing and hit the fire alarm. The alarm, the screams, and the fanatic footsteps to the nearest exit all became… Continue reading The old tailless #27

The old tailless #26

The boss's head hit the ground with such forces that he could hear his skull rang like a tuning fork. He was on his side when the girl flipped his wheelchair and then all he could see, smell and sense was the rubber floor, which surprisingly did not smell like rubber at all and in… Continue reading The old tailless #26

The old tailless #22

In the following week, the fruit of his physical rehabilitation began showing as the boss could move his shoulders and lift his arms above chest level. He was astonished by how much effort it took to accomplish something he had always taken for granted. Bit by bit, he was getting closer to being able to… Continue reading The old tailless #22

The old tailless #21

Inspector Ishikawa did not come on Sunday but his wife did. The English teacher dropped by around eight in the morning, at the same time she would normally show up to work.¬†She was running in the corridors, for which she was understandably scolded by a nurse who was so loud even the boss could hear… Continue reading The old tailless #21

The old tailless #20

The boss had been dreaming about the clan house in Nachikatsuura for the last good four days. And, through these fleeting memories, he caught a glimpse of the specter, the specter born from his past, the specter that had been chasing him for nearly fifty years. That girl, Sayaka, she was the specter. He ran… Continue reading The old tailless #20