Virtual write-in prompts 7/14/16 Put your character in a situation or scene that is patently ridiculous, whether that's a quirky bookstore, an upside down desert or a humiliating situation. (95 words) The world had gone mad, it truly had. She stood helplessly as trucks after trucks ran over the poor pedestrian. She knew a deliberate murder attempt when… Continue reading Virtual write-in prompts 7/14/16

Story by the campfire: The worst possible ending

First week of Camp NaNoWriMo went by and I got about 3-day-worth of writing. Not bad, I supposed, but it could be better. The serious writing starts next Monday when I'm done with the surprise Microwave engineering re-exam. But first, some quick progress updates on White Destiny's revision: The bishop and the Witch There's been… Continue reading Story by the campfire: The worst possible ending