UX Portfolio

This page keeps track of my prominent works in the field of UX design over the years. Works are grouped by platform and then sorted in chronological order from the oldest to the latest.


1. Spirits of the Trees

Single-page hero guide for the popular MOBA game: Defense of the Ancients. Written in playdota.com’s extended BB Code.

Year: 2011
Duration: 3 months

2. Imperial Experiment RPG

An open-world sci-fi collaborative text-based RPG via vBB message board. The project was hosted on Mangafox RPG subforums, which provided native BB Code and limited HTML styling (only inline CSS was possible.

Year: 2012-2013
Duration: 16 months

Info page

A data-terminal-styled layout for information and game mechanics pages with quick linking via table of content navigation bar. The OOC implementation was partial and subsequently abandoned following the closure of the game.

Game message

A layout for game messages such as new quests, stat updates, etc. In-game events were updated in form of newspaper article excerpts whose template was included in game message layout.

Post formats

Post formats for my in-game characters and NPCs. Many players of this genre use customized message template called “post format” when updating his/her characters in-game.

3. Chorizone! RPG

A casual slice-of-life collaborative text-based RPG via vBB message board. The project was also hosted on Mangafox RPG subforums.

Year: 2013
Duration: 3 months

Info page

A simple layout for information and game mechanics pages. The design relied on typography and banner art to convey the poetic feel of the RPG.

Chapter cover

A cover for new chapter posts. It was essentially a trimmed down version of the info page layout.

4. Ray of Hope gallery

Layout for the graphic portfolio (Gallery) hosted on Mangafox. This layout was written purely in BB Code due to the lack of HTML in GFX subforums

Year: 2013
Duration: N/A

5. Dream Braid

Puzzle mobile game for Windows Phone 8 platform using Unity engine. Not much of this project remained after the disastrous HDD failure that predated this blog. Files for load screen and stage selection screen are unrecoverable.

Year: 2014
Duration: 2 months