UX portfoilo – page 2

This page keeps track of my prominent works in the field of UX design over the years. Works are grouped by platform and then sorted in chronological order from the oldest to the latest.


6. Wikia user profile

A sandbox where various UX elements such as float pane, collapsible, image overlay, etc. are kept as references. HTML, inline CSS and wikitext were used. External CSS and custom Javascript were also possible but inconvenient as Wikia (the platform provider)’s policies used to require a security review from their technicians every commit, a process which can take days. This policy has been relaxed since.

Year: 2014-2015
Duration: 5 months

7. Wikia furniture page

A complete overhaul of furniture page: from a simple furniture list to a modern tabview structure and modular sub-pages. The project also produced the majority of content.
The roles in our UX team were as follow:
– Fujihita: Team leader, layout designer, developer, format editor.
– Zel-melon: Content writer, public relation, tester.
– Admiral Mikado: JP-EN translator.
– Dragonjet: Game asset provider / data miner.

Year: 2014-2015
Duration: 2 months


A visual infobox template for displaying various stats (name, price, description, features, availability, preview) of the item. The color scheme corresponds to that of in-game purchase button for that category.


A utility template for overlaying a HTML element on top of another element. It is designed to display a number counter of item stacks for Furniture page but it has seen applications in ranking updates and event pages as well.


A template for generating a scalable in-game office screen from wikitext input. It is designed to encourage reuse of existing game assets from the wiki but it has never truly caught on.