White Destiny

Book cover image for the fantasy novel White Destiny by Lorenz Raymond
Book cover image for the fantasy novel White Destiny by Lorenz Raymond

White Destiny is a fantasy novel project by Lorenz Raymond.

This page keeps track of released chapters, important commentaries and bonus materials of the first book White Destiny”.

The story of the novel is adapted from a series of themed werewolf party games hosted in 2013 and 2014 on Mangafox and EGScan forums by Lightning Ray.

The novel is written in spare time and is released on irregular intervals at Fujihita WordPress blog.

An unofficial edition of the novel’s sequel “Black Existence” is being written by Tetisheri with undetermined progress as of November 2015.


A fantasy novel from NaNoWriMo camp July 2014 – July 2015

The inventor, Leonardo de Price, is convinced Ironheart is in position to reclaim its independence through means of war and he needs ten Silverflow councilors to back his idea.


Revision 4 shifts the narrative to the Inventor character. The story runs in parallel with the Witch’s story and covers the plot from the dragon’s raid to the start of Azeth-Ironheart war. The story is segmented by scenes instead of chapters.

Chapter 1 – She is a pet hydra

INT. Inventor’s workshop – Night (Moon 4)

INT. Brown’s Boulder – Day (Moon 6)

INT. Silverflow Council – Day (Moon 6)

INT. Steve’s forge – Day (Moon 6)

Chapter 2 – The frog can’t fly

EXT. Rural (Ironheart) – Day (Moon 6)

INT. Greenhouse – Day (Moon 12)

INT. Alchemist’s quarter – Day (Moon 12)

INT. Ruby Garden – Night (Moon 12)

Chapter 3 – Death is in a pipe

INT. Brown’s Boulder – Day (Moon 12)

INT. Brown’s Boulder – Cont

EXT. Rosenberg district – Day (Moon 13)

EXT. Rosenberg district – Cont

Chapter 4 – The dragon is a glutton

INT. Ruby Garden – Day (Moon 16)

EXT. Witch’s hut – Day (Moon 16)


The lands of Ashlora

Bookcover and character visual (The Witch)


In this revision, character stories are merged into a single narrative flow. The story starts one month after the Princess and the Witch met. The prologue is now a part of the flashback in Conquest’s story. The story is told in the perspective of Princess Lilia.

The king regent, Sir Richard, wanted Lilia to follow her parents’ footsteps and rule the kingdom through grace. But, the young, prideful princess wanted to follow his footstep instead! She wanted to break out of the distressed princess stereotype and rule the kingdom of Ironheart through dominance.

The chance to prove herself had come as an invasion of the neighboring kingdom Azeth soon pitched her strength against the mightiest of sorcerers: the archbishop. In Ashlora, the side with the stronger sorcerer wins. Now, she must prepare herself for the magic duel of her life and ensure her kingdom will emerge victorious from the war, by all means necessary, or there won’t any kingdom left to rule…

Prologue (Ch1)

Chapter 0 – Kingdom of Light

War’s story: the princess and the inventor of Ironheart.

Chapter 1 – Princess of White


This revision covers the Witch’s perspective in the events leading up to her meeting with the Princess. The scene when the bishop of Ironheart died was planned for later chapters but eventually omitted. These chapters will be revised and merged into the main branch in due time.

The Witch’s Story (Ch2 – ch5)

Chapter 2 – The Black Witch

Chapter 3 – Lambs of Stray

Chapter 4 – The Schemers

Chapter 5 – God’s Mercy


Chapter 6 – Night Hallow


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