A year to remember

Here we are again at the dawn of a new year. I'm very pleased to report that 2018 has been most life-changing and most pleasant. I'm now living in a foreign country, experiencing a strange culture and exploring new things every day. There wasn't a dull moment in my life in the last quarter although… Continue reading A year to remember


How Mario Party ruined our friendships

I just came back from a game night at a local bar. It was a cozy little event the bartender cooked up for St. Patrick's day and he had a friend bring over a Switch and set up Super Mario Party on a large TV facing three couches. Drinks were on the house. Everybody chipped… Continue reading How Mario Party ruined our friendships

Highlight: Fall 2018 anime season

Fall 2018 ended two months ago, yet it is only till this week that I can find time to write a review for it. Thankfully, I have already written the seasonal selection since the end of the season, and therefore I didn't have to do much soul-searching my rusty memories for the best shows to… Continue reading Highlight: Fall 2018 anime season

Short story: Christmas special

When Hana was in first grade, Santa gave her crayons and a sketchbook. He left the red present box with a silver ribbon at her feet on Christmas Eve, and he ate the cookies mom left by the night lamp.It was a happier time then. Dad still had grandpa’s mahogany desk where he would spend… Continue reading Short story: Christmas special

Flash fiction: Never said you are…

Following a tip online, the slender Asian boy found himself at a hidden net cafe in the back of an innocuous antique store. There, he met his contact and was mildly disappointed to see a man instead of a woman. That made the both of them, two dudes offline running female profiles online. After a… Continue reading Flash fiction: Never said you are…

News from Ashlora Oct/2018

Thanks to the free mapping tool Inkarnate, I finally finished mapping the major landmarks in Ashlora. It was a fantastic world-building exercise and I found plenty of ideas to use in White Destiny. Before diving in... Before I go into details of the new map, I need to make a brief announcement. As you might have… Continue reading News from Ashlora Oct/2018

Highlight: Summer 2018 anime season

My head is still spinning from all the time travel shenanigans this season. There aren't enough good titles to pick up this season; and to be frank, I could hardly find time to follow more than a handful anyway. Shingeki no Kyojin seems to be a lot milder these days and I'm inclined to think this… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2018 anime season

Flash fiction: Transactions are final

A short Asian girl with a black blazer and white miniskirt brought her grocery on the checkout's conveyor belt. An old Chinese woman behind the counter said something in Cantonese but the girl appeared dumbfounded. "Chinese? No?" the woman asked in English. The girl shook her head. "Japanese", she answered. The woman nodded and began… Continue reading Flash fiction: Transactions are final

White Destiny 11: Like sleeping with another man

Katherine’s impression of Count Alexander D’Amore was devoid of ill intentions. She painted the picture of a handsome, well-dressed, and courteous noble. She was very much aware of the rumors; that he ran the back channels in West Rufus, that he had dirtied his hands in extortions and murders all over the kingdom, and that… Continue reading White Destiny 11: Like sleeping with another man

White Destiny 10: A fair maiden

In the air was the sizzling of blue steel in the white water, the crackles of red flame on dark charcoals, and the rumble of hammer hoisted above the ironsmith’s chestnut hair. Orange sparks flew every time the hammer struck hot irons on a black anvil. It had been half a moon since the meeting… Continue reading White Destiny 10: A fair maiden