Welcome to the future

According to the boat-load of science fiction titles featuring the year 2020 from the last two decades, at least. Here we are finally at the dawn of a new decade. The old Happy New Year tune has been so appropriately worded for this rare occasion. Also, happy the 5th anniversary for this blog as well.… Continue reading Welcome to the future

Neujahrskurzgeschichte: Der Bus

Vor einem blattlosen Baum wartete sie auf den Bus. Im Hintergrund stand dunkel eine alte Kapelle, die im kalten Nebel wie eines üblen Zauberers finsteres Schloss aussah. Wenn es in einer Geschichte wäre, erschiene plötzlich ein Geist aus ihrem Schatten und es sie in kürzen Sekunden glücklich äße. Sie schaute ihr Handy an. Der Bus… Continue reading Neujahrskurzgeschichte: Der Bus

Highlight: Fall 2019 anime season

Surprise surprise! We're back in business with another seasonal anime review! Now in a brand new format! Fall 2019 marks the end of this review's one-year hiatus. Indeed, it's been a good long year to catch up on a few old shows I have never gotten the chance to watch; namely the original Ginga Eiyuu… Continue reading Highlight: Fall 2019 anime season

Christmas special: Two hundred thousand years

For hours, perhaps days, he had been gazing at the stars. He was all alone as he had always been for the past terrestrial year. A long, long year it had been; longer and lonelier than any he, whose own name he could not remember, could remember. Four hundred and ninety-four thousand, three hundred and… Continue reading Christmas special: Two hundred thousand years

The old tailless #27

Silence reigned the hallway as the deafening sound of a second point-blank gunshot ceased ringing in one's ear. Well, not exactly silence because someone among the hospital staff had finally decided to do the sensible thing and hit the fire alarm. The alarm, the screams, and the fanatic footsteps to the nearest exit all became… Continue reading The old tailless #27

Table story: A frog’s treasure

Awhile back I was in a one-shot 5e game on roll20 in which we could create level 20 characters with two legendary items to raid a big bad boss in a Colosseum-style arena. Twenty brave souls signed up for the challenge and we began making our character sheets. About two hours in, it became painfully… Continue reading Table story: A frog’s treasure

Monogatari Series light novels bundle

So for those who have no idea what this is about. Monogatari Series light novels, all sixteen available English volumes, being sold at Black Friday-tier discount at HumbleBundle, link below: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/monogatari-kodansha-books I'm not going to lie, this is the first bundle since Narcissu season pass bundle that really got me excited. That means two goddamn years… Continue reading Monogatari Series light novels bundle