The old tailless #29 [End]

No shortage of curious eyes gazing upon them when they stepped out of the museum train. A station employee in a dark blue uniform asked if everything was okay. He thought the way the lieutenant was carrying an old man in white hospital pajamas on his back implied a medical emergency of a sort. "Everything… Continue reading The old tailless #29 [End]

The old tailless #28

The student with glasses led Alyosha and the boss to the underground metro where they were handed off to another member of the third gang. There was no other passenger on the train they boarded even though a few were seen waiting at the platform. In fact, some of them were gawking at them like… Continue reading The old tailless #28

The old tailless #27

Silence reigned the hallway as the deafening sound of a second point-blank gunshot ceased ringing in one's ear. Well, not exactly silence because someone among the hospital staff had finally decided to do the sensible thing and hit the fire alarm. The alarm, the screams, and the fanatic footsteps to the nearest exit all became… Continue reading The old tailless #27

Oops, I accidentally NaNoWriMo…

Okay, I just updated my NaNoWriMo word count but did not realize I was in "Words this session" mode instead of "Total words" mode so my word count just hilariously doubled and the website sent me the winner badge. Deleting the faulty entry from progress update didn't help so... Anyhow...there's one thing I forgot to… Continue reading Oops, I accidentally NaNoWriMo…

The old tailless #22

In the following week, the fruit of his physical rehabilitation began showing as the boss could move his shoulders and lift his arms above chest level. He was astonished by how much effort it took to accomplish something he had always taken for granted. Bit by bit, he was getting closer to being able to… Continue reading The old tailless #22

NaNoWriMo, the end is nigh

For your information, I did not plan this whole hospital arc at all. I planned to use the hospital as an easy time skip but research in coma recovery indicated a much longer recovery time than I anticipated. Just one more example of how the reality could derail my plot in unexpected ways through research.… Continue reading NaNoWriMo, the end is nigh